Pulley Operated Clothes Drying System

We provide Pulley System for Open Terrace and Balcony. Now-a-days people are living in apartments, have got the need of managing the space. They can not afford for a big space for drying their cloths. Keeping their need in mind we have designed and developed the Pulley Operated Clothes Drying System.

Ceiling clothes airers are a great way to keep your laundry out of view and make use of space. Clothes airers are hung from the ceiling and feature a pulley system, so you can pull it down, hang your clothes, and pull it back up, much like a window blind.


Easy to use for all age groups

Length 4 feet- 9 feet ceiling mounted

Save space in house with limited drying space

Indoor cloth dryer no floor space required

The unique product designed to hold an entire load of loundry

The single pipe operation

Aluminium pipe rust-free / this pipe anodized coating and in affordable price with warrenty 18 months